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Something new. Something Brilliant.

Komafram™ is where luxury meets performance.

Komafram is Made in USA, where innovative design and sustainable technology align with comfort and style. Where people aspire to do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons.

The magic is in the mix.

I love color blocking and pattern mixing. I temper tomboy with heels. I pair old with new, matte with shine and high with low. I don’t believe that there’s only one way to wear an outfit, but I do know how to pull one together.

Work hard. Play hard.

Staying fit is an essential part of my lifestyle, and my clothes have to work as hard as I do. When I find something that I like, I stick with it. I work hard, because how I look and how I feel is important to me. You only have one body, right?

When every day meets amazing.

I’m a yogini, a rock climber, a dancer. I am always active and about. I’m influenced as much by style as by performance. Clothes that will take me from Central Park and straight to breakfast afterward? Sign me up!

Living large in the underground.

I like to break the rules and push my limits. When I hear someone say “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” I say “where’s my hammer?” But, I know a good thing when I see one. Living for the moment... with me, it’s all gas and no breaks.

Keeping it real.

I think that clothes look best when they’re lived in. I wear the same baselayers for both running and cycling, even for walking to work on a cold day. The fact that you can wear the same thing for multiple sports makes them a great value.

The reward is the journey.

My father used to say “You never know what you can accomplish until you try.” Every few months I challenge myself to try a new activity. It’s about learning the body and using that experience to meet the challenges.

Komafram blends Alpaca and Tencel® to create a sustainable layering system with unprecedented performance.

Komafram combines innovative design and technology to create sustainable style.

Komafram is Fabric of the Month at Textile World.


Janet Bealer Rodie, Managing Editor writes about Komafram luxury and style. She highlights Komafram as Textile World's fabric of the month!

Komafram Apparel Brand Taps Made-in-America Trend


Hype continues for Komafram. feature article highlights Komafram's Made in USA mission:

Komafram represents the Feuerstein family mantra: "Do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons." The company's website went live with the company's official launch on 1 August, and traffic at their OR booth was brisk. "I am proud of our partners and our values," said Feuerstein.

American Innovation Shines at OR Summer Market


Komafram featured in American innovation article by Debra Cobb, a veteran of the US textiles industry.

Komafram is now on Facebook


Like us on Facebook for all our latest updates and happenings while we start introducing our High Performance Base Layer Apparel

Komafram debuts at OR's Summer Market Tradeshow


From July 31st through August 3, the Komafram team will debut their new high-performance base layer apparel. On July 31st at 9am MDT, Komafram CEO Danny Feuerstein, will be featured in a live interview - "Live from OR".

Apparel Powerhouse Launches New Contender for Best Base Layer


The Team that brought Polartec® (fleece) to the world market place is now launching a new brand of high-performance base layer apparel. This new brand is poised to capture the attention of eco-conscious consumers across a broad spectrum, from outdoor enthusiasts to fashion-forward trend setters.